Curious over 22Cans Curiosity Game

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Around 6 weeks from now, a new game will be released named CURIOSITY from 22Cans. The game's objective is to be able to unleashed what is inside the cube by outscoring the whole thing. Whatever is inside will only be revealed to the last person holding the last ship with their chisel. 2 DLC lots will be made available to help with destruction the cube. And a rather very expensive DLC will also be released and there's only one of this that will be available for purchase.

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Curious over 22Cans Curiosity Game


Yes, I’ve also read the article about Peter Molyneux’s interview. The game is quite interesting thinking that you’ll be chipping away a black cube inside a white room. And the fact that the black cube is also composed of millions of rather smaller black cubes, it sounds like you’ll be spending a lot of time chipping away smaller black cubes.

To help players in the game, the game offers two (2) kinds of DLC or downloadable content [DLC refers to the downloadable add-ons on the game like weapons, characters, maps, and others]. The first is an iron chisel which costs only 99 cents.

This iron chisel will give you 10x power to chip away the blocks. The second one is a diamond chisel which will give you 100,000x power in chipping away the blocks. This second chisel is quite expensive because it costs $77,000 if you’ll be interested in buying it. I’m not sure if this is practical on the side of the players.

To read more about Peter Molyneux’s interview, you may visit Molyneux’s 22Cans game Curiosity has $77,000 diamond chisel DLC.

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