Creative Announces Release of Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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Creative has announced its newest product, a Bluetooth enabled wireless speaker with microphone, will this mark the end of the traditional sound card for desktop units?

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Creative Announces Release of Bluetooth Wireless Speaker



Creative have come up with Bluetooth speaker system with surround sound.
The Bluetooth set enables the user to play high quality audio at any place at home through the wireless interface system.  The connectivity is also enhanced. It can be connected to a HDTV for home cinema, or with the desktop or notebook.
It works with all the devices that are compatible to Bluetooth. Even the subtle sounds in the movie or games can be clearly heard in the high fidelity audio system
This definitely takes audio system to the next level. Such systems have the potential to replace all other audio systems maybe in the future.  
But this will not be the end of soundcards in computers. The speakers can only reproduce sounds produced as voltage signals in the sound card. So speakers are not yet a replacement for sound cards. Maybe such technology will come in the future.

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