Course OneMan is a relay or one-man relay

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During the Compatibility Check this error and warning appeared and I am stuck with it. I don’t even know what this means and how can it be solved. Does anyone have any idea how can this be solved? What this error means? Thank you!

Compatibility Check


– Course 'OneMan' is a relay or one-man relay.

– Course 'Relay' is a relay or one-man relay.


– Option 'Full stop behind control number' : Removed

– Option 'Number of start' : Removed

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Course OneMan is a relay or one-man relay


The error you are experiencing appears when trying to use a settings file from your cartography tool, OCAD 11, with the earlier version of the same tool, OCAD 9. In the newer version, relays and one-man relays are programmed differently than in the older version and hence cannot be loaded.

The two warnings in that dialogue mean that you cannot use features from version 11 in version 9. Those two features are "Full stop behind control number" and "Number of start".

To fix this problem, use the file with the same version of the program which created it, i.e. OCAD 11.

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