Could not reconnect all network drives error

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Hi Gurus!

I have several mapped drives on my PC from other PCs in the office. 

I usually get copies of my colleagues’ files for me to edit.  Then one time I got this error message in the system tray while trying to access the mapped drive. 

I clicked the icon to check the status of the drives and well, it turned out okay.  But then, this error just pops up every time I access the drive. 

Any advice to turn off this annoying error message?

Thanks in advance.

My error message:

Could not reconnect all network drives

Click here to check the status of your network drives.

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Could not reconnect all network drives error


No you can't remove that annoying error just do all the said solution below.

Solution 1:

Wait for it until it has finished loading everything, sometime it is not stabilizing well and you need to wait until the connection through those network drives are already stable.

Solution 2:

Sometimes you will really get annoyed because you can't really connect to your network drive because there is an error with the network settings. Now you can try unplugging the network cable at the back of your PC and then plug it back again.

You can also go to the CMD by going to START and then type it on the RUN input box.

Then enter in the CMD the codes below:

  • ipconfig /all
  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /renew

You have to be an administrator though before you configure this.

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Could not reconnect all network drives error


This is the cause of mapping the network drive permanently.

The computer that you mapped the drive is not available or the share is no longer exists that is why the balloon message pops up in your task tray.

All you need to do is to disconnect all network drives that you have mapped before.

Open your explorer the look for the drive that is mapped onto other computer, right click on it and disconnect.

Another option is to open a command prompt then type “net share * /delete” then press enter. Please type the command without the quote.

If the computer ask for confirmation, just confirm… Press y for “yes” and n for “no”.

Good Luck!


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