Error #E0601009 on Encore TV Tuner

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I have an Encore TV Tuner and it was working fine.

I needed to reinstall my OS due to some issues I've been experiencing with it.

I reinstalled everything afterwards.

When I tried to run the TV Tuner it gives the error code #E0601009.

Any suggestion?


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Error #E0601009 on Encore TV Tuner


Hello there Mikee Langford.

This problem can be fixed, do not worry about it. In order to fix this error, you will have to run the app as option.

Surely and your problem will be solved.

If the problem persists, check that your device hardware is compatible with the OS or not.

It might have also happened that your OS were not correctly installed so you may try to re-install it.

If the problem still continues, you should contact an IT expert near your area or contact customer service to fix this matter.

Hope your problem gets solved soon.

Best of Luck!

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Error #E0601009 on Encore TV Tuner


Hello Mikee,

The error that you are getting is most probably due to outdated drivers or drivers that are corrupted, and therefore you will need to fix that issue:

  • To fix Errorcode #E0601009, you will need reinstall the driver of your Tv Tuner.
  • Click on the link below and then reinstall the driver of your Encore ENLTV-FM.  The file that you will download has also got a  manual as well as documents, and the driver and utility software. So just visit the link below and download it.
  • Encore ENLTV FM Driver
  • One important thing that you should not forget to check are the system specifications of your computer. Make sure that you check them to ensure that you are downloading the right driver.

Hope this helps.




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Error #E0601009 on Encore TV Tuner


If the TV tuner works fine before when you still haven’t reinstalled your operating system yet, make sure that you are still installing the same operating system as before, and you did not upgrade it to a different version or maybe changed and upgrade the Service Pack it is using.

If you still installed the same operating system, but you upgraded its Service Pack to a much higher version then maybe this is the reason why your device is not working.

You should try upgrading your TV tuner’s driver if there is a latest version available to make it more compatible to newer platform versions. If your TV tuner’s driver is already installed, try doing a clean installation of the device’s driver again. Uninstall the driver again from the Device Manager or using the Add or Remove Programs applet if it’s available there.

Then after this, check your computer for any possible errors.

Use a disk utility application to check the system. Install the driver again after and test it if it’ll work.

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