NeatDesk Desktop keeps disconnecting while scanning multiple documents

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Would like to ask for your help with my scanner NeatDesk Desktop Scanner. I am on the middle of copying legal documents and it keeps on restarting and takes very long time before it performs the task. I usually restart it and or unplugging and plugging back on the connector. It will work fine for a few minutes and it will happen again. I tried to check the connections, or even tried it to a known good power source, still the same. Can you give me ways on how to resolve this problem? Please provide me alternative options also. Thank you!

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NeatDesk Desktop keeps disconnecting while scanning multiple documents

  1. First of all, verify whether all the cables are properly connected without any lapse and the power supply is quite strong enough.
  2. Also, scan the computer with a properly up dated  virus guard, in order to detect any malware attack for hindering the communication between the device and the computer. If detected any, it is advisable to install the latest back up so that the system is freed from the issue.
  3. Further, try to identify & remove the applications with issues (which can be detected by switching to the safe mode).
  4. Try installing all the critical software updates, specially those relating to the scanner's driver.
  5. If all the attempts prove useless, it is advisable to seek for technical assistance since there can be an internal hardware issue.

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