Corrupted OS that needs to be reinstall again

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Hi Techyv!

My question is, My computer is pretty old now, about 4 years old, and every time the os gets corrupted or when it is infected with viruses, I just reinstall the os again. Some say I should reformat completely before installing another os, but I have lots of important documents, and pictures in my hard disk and transferring them to the 2nd partition is pointless because of space issues. Every time windows installation is done, I can see a selection of different os that have been collected in my pc. There are 4 of them now. How can I remove the other ones? Is it possible?


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Corrupted OS that needs to be reinstall again



It's was just a simple problem with the easy solution. You should wonder why you have 4 Operating System on your Computer? it's obvious you are not the one who install your operating System previously. The reason you have 4 operating system is because you partition your hard disk into 4. And install 4 Operating System.
For example you have 1000Gb hard disk space. 
250 gb Windows XP
250 gb Ubuntu 
250 gb Redhot
250 gb Windows Vista
This can be possible. But i don't have any idea what will be your reason why you did this? For me as long as you have an 
Operating system in your computer that would be enough. 
Reformat you PC, choose whatever Operating System you would like to install in your computer.
I suggest you use Windows XP as you mention your computer is quite old.
Tony Stevenson
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Corrupted OS that needs to be reinstall again


It is easy, you will have to perform a clean installation of the operating system that you will choose. I know that you have important information on the computer and you will want to maintain it, but there is something that you are forgetting. The safety of the data is so important and that is why you have to keep the PC clean and free from any harm that may cause the PC to crush. Therefore to help, I will suggest that you do the following:

  • Backup all your important information that you do not want to lose on an external hard drive if the secondary partition does not have enough space.
  • Get an operating system, for instance windows 7, but make sure that you use an operating system that can work on your computer.
  • Insert in into the computer and then restart it. Boot from the DVD drive and perform a clean installation so that you will remove all files stored on the primary hard drive.
  • You can later transfer the files back to the computer.

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