Correctly Installing Turbo C Programming Language.

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I recently downloaded a Turbo C package from the internet, and I cannot open it. I followed the instructions in the Read Me document, but the program will not install properly. i have two computers, one with Windows XP, and one with Windows 7. It will not run on either PC. Please help. Thanks.

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you can use another software named code block , it has been trusted all over the world . turbo c package sometimes create problems installing (i heard the problem from many person and it is quite difficult for normal user to solve ) , but you can easily install code block . it will not create any problem while installing ,  it is quite easy also from turbo c . code block is developed for windows , linux , Mac OS X . code block is free and open source software . you can easily run and compile your problem through it . i am giving you the download link for code block . http://www.codeblocks.org/downloads/binaries

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Turbo C works just fine with Windows XP but with Windows 7 it needs certain amendments to be used. If you are using 32-bit you can use Borland C++ and if you are using 64 bit then you'll have limited choice of which I prefer downloading a small emulator which works just fine and it also gives the Blue screen feel of natural turbo C.

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