Converting VCD to transfer to USB

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I have an old VCD.  

I want to transfer the files so that I can watch it on my pc, and also transfer the files to my USB so that I can view it on a TV.  

How do I convert them?  

Is there any software I can use? 

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Converting VCD to transfer to USB


No, you don’t need to convert it to any format. The video that is in a VCD disc is in a .DAT file format. You can view or play this video using just the Windows Media Player, and I think almost all media players can play .DAT video files.

Copying the video file from a VCD disc is just very simple. Load the VCD disc on your CD/DVD drive. If your computer automatically plays the VCD disc, cancel it then close the media player.

Browse the drive using Windows Explorer.

Go to the folder MPEGAV. Look for the file that is something like MUSIC01.DAT.

You can be sure that it is the video file by checking its file size. The size is usually around 500 MB+. Copy the file to your hard drive and play it there.

Not all copyrighted VCD allows the copying of the video. I have several original VCDs here.

I can watch them on my computer but copying them to my hard drive is not possible.

But there are also other original VCDs that are not like this.

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