Connecting Galaxy S5 to my laptop and how to maximize it

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I am having trouble with my phone lately. I have issues of having automatic restart and shut down with it. I am having problems also connecting it with my pc. Most of the time, the most annoying with the issues I am experiencing is that it keeps on disconnecting with WiFi access. Can you tell me what could be the cause of this problem? Can you show me or give me instructions on how to resolve this problem? Can you provide me also alternative ways to eliminate it?

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Connecting Galaxy S5 to my laptop and how to maximize it

May be that there are some errors in the OS.
So try following these strategies,
  • Restart the device (because a refreshing reboot has the capability to fix certain system issues)
  • Perform system updates regularly and any other application updates if available
  • Identify & removing the applications with issues
  • Do a system back up where these issues were absent
If all the attempts prove useless, it is advisable to reset the default factory settings so that the device is freed from any processes related to the issue.
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