Connect Administrator Account to User Account

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How could I connect my Administrator account and my user account “myname”? I have the same user and it only can do certain things in each account. For example, if I need to print anything I have to go into my user account. And if I need to download something I can do that only when connecting to my account "Administrator". Please help.

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Connect Administrator Account to User Account



You have not mentioned the operating system where this requirement is to be looked at. Assuming that this is windows operating system

The windows operating system by default have two accounts, the Administrator and the user, Now from your query it is clear that you have installed some programs with the user profile and some programs with the administrator profile.

The issue is that the authorities provided to your user account are limited, like downloading etc. Now you have two options to control this. But before proceeding confirm whether you are the only user on this system.

Go to the administrator login, right click on my computer, and click on manage

Click on local user and group on the left pane, and then on the right pane right click on your other user, and then click on properties.

On the open tab click on “member of” and then click on the add button.

Select the administrator, and click on apply and click on ok

You now should be able to work with your user ID and will not require to log on to administrator account



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Connect Administrator Account to User Account


Downloads should be possible with any user account as long as no specific restrictions to bar such function is imposed on the user account. The same goes for printing, all the users should be able to print unless this is being prohibited by a restriction. If printing was configured on just the user account, then just configure printing on the administrator account as well. As far as downloads, make sure this is not restricted for regular users. If there are restrictions and you'd like to have administrator's access on the machine, then you can just make your user account as an administrator. You can do this in the Control Panel. Make sure you're logged in as the administrator to do this.

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