The Conceptusl Ideas Behind The Development Of Microtugs

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What are MicroTugs? What would make a tiny robot can pull up weights of objects known to be over a thousand times heavier than its weight? What would call for such technological development and what will make one go to such extend to think and create such staff? Philip Moore is my name. Thank you.

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The Conceptusl Ideas Behind The Development Of Microtugs



          It demonstrates a new type of small robot that can apply more orders of magnitude than its weight.

          This is the stark contrast to previous very small robots that have become progressively better at moving and sensing but is laced the ability to change the world through the application of human scale loads.

          This is focused on two major fronts. 12g ground based robot it pull 40N shear force and 9g climbing variants can climb 10N of load.

         The climbing paper focused on anisotropic adhesion that is necessary to allow these robots carry the continuous load present when there is no static friction in very between steps.

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