Computer restarts without any reason

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Computer restarts without any warning.

Windows XP Co Edition (No SP1 or SP2 – I prefer to install the updates separately myself).

  • MS office XP co Edition.
  • MSN 6.2.
  • AIM.
  • Yahoo MSG.
  • Internet explorer (as standard).
  • Windows Media player 10.

I use those Divx codecs also.

Thank you for your time and help.

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Computer restarts without any reason


Solution 1: Check For Viruses

In your list of software, there is no anti virus installed so it means that your computer is not protected. Install an anti virus software and scan your whole PC with it to look for viruses. Computers don't usually restarts unless something have triggered it like scripts form viruses. This is a big possibility considering you are unprotected.

Solution 2: Reformat Operating System

This is the much better way to solve your problem, but has its own disadvantage in terms of your files need to backup first and you have install all of your software all over again.

For sure this is not what you want to do but sometimes if the virus heavily affected your PC then this is your only hope.

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Computer restarts without any reason



To solve the problem,
First of all you need to launch the recovery console available in windows XP installation CD, you can use DVD/CD drive also any external USB stick. Now the steps:
1. Boot or reboot your computer and set up the boot to boot from CD/DVD
2. Wait until the setup screen appears and make sure to press the R button on your keyboard so you can enter the recovery console
3. If you install more than one operating system  on your hard disk, recovery console will ask you to choose which windows you would like to log on. It will list with number, all you need to do is choose which windows you want to use and input the number, later press ENTER, if there is no other version of windows, just input 1 and press ENTER
4. After pressing ENTER, the computer will ask you to input administrator’s password, if you never setup password when installing windows in the past, I think it is blank and all you need to do is press ENTER. Otherwise input the password and press ENTER
5. It will show you C:Windows> prompt. 
6. Type chkdsk /r and press ENTER (If the recovery console detected any errors, you will need to do repairs by running chkdsk /r again and repeat again as much as needed
7. After all the steps above, and everything work fine, type EXIT press ENTER you will be taken out of recovery console and your computer is restarted
8. Hopefully your computer works fine now
9. While in windows, install antivirus, maybe Kaspersky antivirus 2012


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Computer restarts without any reason


My suggestion is you just remove your RAM and Clean the Dust on RAM and RAM Slot. 

After this reinsert RAM In RAM Slot on Check PC  Performance.

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Computer restarts without any reason


There are many possible reasons why your computer restarts randomly. And the pain of it is, there is no warning or error messages to determine the root of the problem. I would suggest that you check on the following:

1. Test your Power Supply Unit or the PSU if it creates heat issues that is causing your computer to restart.

2. Check on your RAM. If you are using two RAM, remove the first one and try your computer if it will restart again and do the same thing on the next RAM. If the two RAMs works and you still have the restart issue, then the problem is not on RAM. But if one of the two is causing the issue, try replacing it with a new one.

3. Disconnect the power cord and then try plugging it to another socket.

4. If you recently add a new hardware or software before the issue started, try removing it again. Sometime the conflicts on hardware or software can cause crashes on your computer. Perform a System Restore if needed.

5. Check if there is a corrupted file on your OS. Run a Disk Cleanup and the Disk Defragmenter to fix the issue.

6. Scan your computer for viruses.

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Computer restarts without any reason


Hello Dear,

Thanks for sharing your problem with us. Dear first check you recent installed software. Un install it and try to run your system. If fails. Then check your RAM and power supply. Remove RAM and put it back after cleaning its edges.
Sometimes dust makes carbon on the edges of RAM and other components. So that our computer gets into the problem. And bad power supply is also the main cause of this problem.
Check the voltages of your power supply.
I hope you are understood.

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