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My question is why we need to protect and secure our computer. And also what are the advantages of protecting it from various threats and viruses?

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Hi Rampalvai,

Each day, people use computer for their own reasons. From playing with doing work, we use the computer in almost everything that we do. And the fact that we use computer everyday is already reasonable enough why we should at least protect it through certain computer security softwares. We use it for gaming, for surfing the web, for online shopping, for downloading and uploading files, and etc.; all the way, dealing with information and properties that are ours.

Information’s and properties that are prone to theft and corruption; thus, in order to avoid it from these disasters, we install softwares that tend to keep our computer secured, and to keep unauthorized persons from accessing our computer. Although these are just some of the reasons why we need to secure our computer, we shouldn’t have second thoughts on protecting it. To avoid it all, keep your computer secured.

>>Mathew Joni<<