Advantages of Protecting and Securing Computer

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My question is why we need to protect and secure our computer. And also what are the advantages of protecting it from various threats and viruses?

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Advantages of Protecting and Securing Computer



Hi Rampalvai,

Each day, people use computer for their own reasons. From playing with doing work, we use the computer in almost everything that we do. And the fact that we use computer everyday is already reasonable enough why we should at least protect it through certain computer security softwares. We use it for gaming, for surfing the web, for online shopping, for downloading and uploading files, and etc.; all the way, dealing with information and properties that are ours.

Information’s and properties that are prone to theft and corruption; thus, in order to avoid it from these disasters, we install softwares that tend to keep our computer secured, and to keep unauthorized persons from accessing our computer. Although these are just some of the reasons why we need to secure our computer, we shouldn’t have second thoughts on protecting it. To avoid it all, keep your computer secured.

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Advantages of Protecting and Securing Computer


Protecting your computer depends on how you use it. For example, if your computer is used only for gaming and the games you install are legit or came from genuine game setup CD which you purchased from authorized game retail shops then there’s no need to install an antivirus or any security applications.

But this example seldom happens because most of the gamers nowadays no longer play offline games. Most of the gamers today are now into MMORPG or the massively multiplayer online role playing game where different players from around the world are playing online. And if you are one of these then definitely you need to use an antivirus on your computer.

Installing an antivirus on your computer is not only meant on protecting your files from getting infected by a virus. It also protects your computer when you go online. Sometimes when you visit a website especially if you don’t know the site, the website will deliberately attack your computer.

I’m not sure if the attack is in the form of traffic or a command sent to your computer. In my case, I only see an alert from my antivirus that a website attacked my computer and the connection has been blocked. If your antivirus is weak or it doesn’t have the capacity to detect online attacks or you totally don’t have an antivirus on your computer, this attack will be invisible to you.

When the website attacks your computer, it can plant a virus, spyware, or an adware into your computer and get your personal information.

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