Computer Operation System Without Mouse

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I have a Desktop Computer. Sometimes I had to operate my computer fast. so How will I operate my computer without mouse?

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Computer Operation System Without Mouse


Hi Shafiqulazam,

If you do not want to purchase a mouse for your computer, you can use the available navigation features of Windows. To solve this problem, there're what we call "Keyboard shortcuts". You can use this to navigate to and from a window, and other tasks that concern operating your computer. You can search from the web the list of shortcuts that you may use for navigation and operation. 

1.     Here is a link to a list of keyboard shortcuts:

2.     Another way is to purchase a USB mouse to make your navigation much faster. It is probably the most effective way to operate your computer without any problems. It isn't expensive and you can buy one in a computer shop for a cheap price. 

3.       Also, if your computer’s operating system is using Windows 7, there is a feature that allows you to use the arrow keys like the mouse does.

–          Click Start

–          Go to Control Panel

–          Ease of Access

–          Find and select “Make the keyboard easier to use” and configure it the way you want it to be.

It should look like this:

These following solutions are only applicable if you are using a Windows-based operating system.

Hope this has helped you.

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Computer Operation System Without Mouse


I suggest memorize all shortcut keys of your OS as it minimize your time finding the functions that you need. As for other softwares, they provide shortcut keys to ease the usage of it. Touch screen as a replacement for mouse is a bad idea because It's exhausting to use the same features of mouse plus arms.

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