Questions on making screen shots and compressing a zip file

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I just want anyone tell me how to do screenshots and I know it's from print screen and opening paint and what's next please and I have also green globe in my web page and I don't like so tell me how to remove it and how to compress a file to Zip please. Thanks for everyone who read and answer my question.

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Questions on making screen shots and compressing a zip file



It is a common saying that a picture is worth thousand words and it is really true therefore, some times screen shots are of vital significance because what we can not tell through words can be said through pictures. You have almost done with print screen option available in every keyboard.

Whenever you press the (Print Screen) button from your keyboard, it catches a snap of your desktop regardless of the application running on your computer. Now to utilize that snap you must open the MS Paint utility and you must select paste from the edit menu available in the Ms Paint application.

Finally, save that snap and use wherever required. AS for the green globe, you can delete it by just right clicking on your folder and select convert it into folder. In this case root folder would still have green globe.

Compressing a file through Winzip is no more had ache task. You just simply select the files to be compressed and drag it to the Winzip icon it prompts you for confirmation and you are done. You can also do that manually by opening Winzip utility.

Hope it helps you.


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Questions on making screen shots and compressing a zip file


Dear Tony,

Its very easy if you wants to save any of your snap shot of the screen like if you are watching any of the video or a page on the website or else then there is an option in the keyboard names as print screen so press that key and then close all screens and open the paint program.

There you can open the navigator of EDIT and then there you found an option named paste. Press that key and then you see that snap shot is copied in a paint and then use that shot where ever you want.


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Questions on making screen shots and compressing a zip file


1. You can take screen shots of your desktop or anything else by pressing Print screen button then open paint and paste by pressing (ctrl + v) key after doing this you can edit, modify or save picture.

2. You can change your green globe in web page using a new version of internet explorer because only old version contain green globe.

3. You can compress a file to zip by using a WinZip software then follow these steps:

  • Right click on file that you want to compress in WinZip and,
  • Then select WinZip option add to zip file,
  • After selecting this WinZip is open and a box appear,
  • Select Add option from box,
  • After clicking on Add button your file is compressed and is saved automatically.
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Questions on making screen shots and compressing a zip file


The print screen key is basically use for taking a picture or snap shot of your current screen and it is automatically copied to the clipboard. It's a key commonly located at the top just right beside the function keys. It is mostly abbreviated to PrtSc. When you press print screen key in DOS or Disk Operating System it sends the snap shot automatically to the printer.

Have in mind also that pressing only print screen key will capture the whole screen. But when you press Alt+PrtSc, those active window you are working on is the only one to be captured, not the whole screen.

To see those screenshot:

1. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint.

2. To paste the screenshot, you can either do two things:

a. Click Edit on the menu bar and then click Paste. or
b. For fast pasting, press Ctrl + V.

3. To save the screenshot:

a. Click File and then click Save. or
b. Press Ctrl + S.
c. Type the name of your screenshot in the text box next to File Name. In the Save as type box choose what format do you want.
d. Click Save or press enter key when done.

To create a zip file:

Click the file or select all the files and right click > scroll to Send To > click Compressed (zipped) Folder > Click Yes.

What do you mean by the green globe? What browser you are using?

Just to add some free programs that you can use to take screenshot and share it on the web in an instant, go to this link and download screensnapr.

Install the application and this is the method to use that:

1. Press Ctrl + 1 and the screen will turn into transparent black covering the whole screen.
2. Press and hold left click then drag all over the place you want to capture.
3. Wait for the upload to complete. It shows on the bottom right part of the taskbar.
4. The captured screen is automatically copied to the clipboard.
5. Just paste it in a web browser to see those screenshot. You must be connected to the internet.

That's it. Hope it helps you. Good day and God Bless.

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