Computer memory keeps on decreasing, please help!

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I recently got a problem with my Mac computer. The hard disk memory keeps on decreasing. The problem started occurring after I copied all the application folders from the Mackintosh hard drive to my Application Folder. A strange thing happened with the memory; it went down from a free 45 GB to a free 16 GB!! My VMware fusion does not run as normal as before. It kept displaying a message indicating that I had to free the memory, which I did by deleting all the files that I copied in the Application Folder. I went ahead and emptied the trash hoping that the memory would be free. To my surprise, the memory still has a 16 GB free remaining.

For the VMware application to respond, I had to delete many files. I had to shred folders up to 25 GB free just to make VMware start working. The strange thing is that, every day that I check the remaining memory, it decreases by 3 GB or any figure close to that. I have no active files on the download, no P2P or illegal downloads. I tried to remove the VMware hoping the problem would be solved but nothing changed.

The memory is almost full now. I will really appreciate if someone will provide a solution to this problem.

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