Computer Hardware and Software Needed on a Repair Shop

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What are the must have hardware/software you think you should have in a computer repair shop?. Of course a good toolkit, a cable tester, a post card, a few O/S, a bunch of cds with drivers of any kind, bootable disks, but what else?. Is there any other things to add?

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Computer Hardware and Software Needed on a Repair Shop


Hi Mikael, 

Aside from the things that you listed yourself, some essential tools that is a must to have in your computer repair shop would be a lot of different size screwdrivers so that you can disassemble a computer in no time. Even tweezers would come in handy when you have to handle some delicate equipment from the motherboard. Some spare monitors will also be necessary because hardly anyone will ever bring their monitor with them when they have their computers repaired so to be able to check what the problem is, have a couple monitors on hand. Having a supply of different types of RAM would also be a bonus especially when people are having problems with their memory. Basically as much spare hardware that you can find is essential whenever you want to rule out some theories as to why a customer's computer doesn't work. 

A good length of UTP cable will also come in handy every now and then. Some anti-static wrap is a must whenever you disassemble a computer as you don't want to damage your customer's computer parts. Most of all what you need is a directory with a listing of most if not all the major computer companies especially Microsoft so that if ever there is a problem you can't figure out you could always inquire from them. Last but not the least what need to have is a good amount of computer hardware books because you can't really memorize every single thing about how and why computers breakdown and how to fix them.

Hope this helps you out.

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Computer Hardware and Software Needed on a Repair Shop



Yes I think there are many things to add. You just said some but they are basic element in hardware/software shop. You need more elements beside them. As example

Cooler fans, Processor fans

Extra power supply

Mouse and keyboard

Sound system, Pen drives

USB extension cable

Bluetooth devices,Modems

Memory card reader

Tutorial CD/DVD,Blank CD/DVD

CD/DVD lens cleaner


PATA to SATA converter

SATA to PATA converter

Joystick / gamepad, Tool box

Different types of Casing

These could make hardware/software shop more attractive. Beside these you may have many more elements. The more you keep more you sell.

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