Compatibility mode Windows 7 (Visual Studio) vb_web.exe

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Compatibility mode Windows 7 (Visual Studio) vb_web.exe.

I am trying to install "vb_web.exe" but I've got this setup error as 'Visual Studio Setup cannot run in compatibility mode'.
Solution recommended is to see the 'installing' section in the visual studio read me file VS2010 RTM.htm at:
Here's my Image for you to analyze to give me some solution.
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Compatibility mode Windows 7 (Visual Studio) vb_web.exe



There is a simple solution for this problem. You have to change the compatibility mode of this setup file. Please follow the given steps.

  1. Uninstall if installed it before.
  2. Go to the setup file and right click on it.
  3. Now click on the compatibility option.
  4. Here is a checkbox labeled, run this program in compatibly mode.
  5. Please make sure that this option is unchecked if not uncheck it yourself.
  6. And do this for all users.
  7. Now press ok and install this program.
  8. After installation is finished enjoy using.

I hope this will give you the solution for your problem.

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Compatibility mode Windows 7 (Visual Studio) vb_web.exe



Hello Lyllen,

That can be pretty annoying. I am sorry to hear about the error you are getting.

Let us perform some steps to resolve your issue.

1.Right-click vw_web2.exe and go to Properties

          Please make sure that you check on the box that says “Show settings for all users” which is normally located at the bottom of the Properties tab.

2. Uncheck “Run this program in compatibility mode for”. This option should be visible from the compatibility tab then select Apply and press Enter/OK.

You may also try this:

1.Go to Start then select Run and type regedit and click OK or press Enter.

2.Delete the value that refers to WPDT setup program – (named vm_web.exe):

Ex: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrentVersionAppCompatFlagsCompatibility AssistantPersisted

If it still does not work, try to rename vm_web.exe and save it to your hard drive and run it from there. You can also move it to a new folder then run. This should do the trick.

You may also want to check on your Application verifier and make sure that HighversionLie is not set to Windows 7 on any setup.exe file.



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