CoffeCup cannot open port 32809

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Hi Brainy,

I have Microsoft Excel 2007 in the laptop when I try to run an ActiveX macro I ended up with an error message. The Macro stopped working all of sudden I got an error code 32809. In addition, it says the application will exit now. What I have to do now to avoid this error message? I tried to trap the error, but I cannot. Help please. Thanks in advance.

There has been an error.

Error running C:Program Files (x86)CoffeeCup SofwareCoffeeCup

Website ForntCoffeeCup Website Font.exe :

Open_listening_port(32809): No error

Cannot open port 32809

The application will exit now.

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CoffeCup cannot open port 32809


"CoffeeCup Website Font" is a program for creating custom fonts during the process of web design. In your case, it seems the error you're seeing is caused by a flawed macro. To verify this, copy and paste your macro to a new Excel 2007 worksheet and try to run it. If it still gives the same error, then identify steps in the macro and remove the last one before running it again to see if it produces the same error. Keep doing this removal of the last step until the macro works and you will know what exactly causes the error.

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