SIM card cannot be recognized on device

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It seems like my SIM card is not compatible with my phone anymore. I used the same type of SIM all the time and this is for the first time when I have this error. Any solution ? What is happening with my SIM card and what should I do ?

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The SIM card isn’t compatible with either the network or the device.

For assistance, contact your service provider.

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SIM card cannot be recognized on device


I don’t think it is possible for a SIM card to be incompatible with a network type like GPRS, 3G, 4G, and others. It is the handset that becomes incompatible with these network types because handsets are made for specific network types. For example, a Smartphone that supports only 2G and 3G networks will not be able to connect to a 4G network.

To connect to a 4G network and be able to support all network types [2G, 3G, and 4G], you need a different handset that supports 4G. If your device supports 4G then the rest of the network types are all supported. You can switch between networks depending on the availability in your area or the signal strength.

If your problem is with the SIM card, make sure you use the appropriate SIM card for your Smartphone. Unlike before where the SIM card is only available in one size, today, SIM cards come in different sizes: the regular or full size SIM card, the micro-SIM card, mini-SIM card, and nano-SIM card. The micro-SIM card is the smaller version of the original or full size SIM card. See image.

In your case, I guess the problem is with your SIM card. Check your handset as to what SIM card is compatible with it. If it uses a full size SIM card then your SIM card should work but if it uses a micro-SIM card then you need to purchase a new micro-SIM card to use on your handset.

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