PC is slow; How to free some space?

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I have windows XP it is not new some one gave it to me about 6 mouth ago. It's been working ok but now it is so slow and all I do on it is play face book game like cafe world. can some one let me know what to do? If i need a cleaner i hope it is free.



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PC is slow; How to free some space?


Yes, you are right. You need a cleaner which can clean the junk files from your computer. While installing, using, and uninstalling software from your computer, you should know that your computer leaves a lot of junk files untreated. After that it gets quite messy with your computer,and the result is your computer has been slowed down.

Now what to do ?

OK, no worries. There is a solution for that. C cleaner is a such kind of software that you may use to clean up your computer. Here is how to use it.

Download C cleaner.

Download Link:  https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner

Run the Cleaner

Then delete some unwanted programs from start up menu.

Also clear registry errors from registry tab


Hope Your problem is solved.

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PC is slow; How to free some space?



As you said that someone bought you windows XP,I can expect that your windows is not genuine and in such case i guess you might have tried to install the updates which is one of the reason for slowing down your PC.

When you try to install the updates your complete system configuration goes to Windows Server they tag your system configuration with non genuine windows and then they provide such updates which corrupts your machine and forces you to buy genuine windows operating system.

About cleaning, first you try to defragment your PC. Then whatever anti-virus you have there must be an option junk cleaner,use it. I have added an attachment of an anti-virus Quick heal. Every antivirus as a cleanup tools which removes unnecessary files and folders.

I guess your problem will be solved in this easy steps.


sujoy das

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PC is slow; How to free some space?



There are various reasons and causes as to why your computer might be running slow and they include;

• Hardware problems like overheating and faulty hardware.

• Incomplete software installations and operating system updates.

• Corrupt system files (operating system) and folders.

• Running low on virtual memory.

• Computer viruses.

• Incomplete program executions.

You need to reboot/restart your computer before proceeding with the following steps.

1) Hardware problems:

Observe on your monitor and see if you see any error message about a faulty hardware device, and act accordingly or try cleaning the CPU, RAM Chips and connected cards like video or audio cards and make sure they are connected correctly. In case of overheating, you can provide an external cooling mechanism by putting a fan next to your system box or buy another cooling fun for CPU. Additionally, you can use your computer for specified periods of time and then switching it off to allow it to cool.

2) Incomplete software installations and operating system updates:

Whenever the Operating system is updating its self and the computer is abruptly powered down, this will slow down your computer so these processes need to be finalized in order to have the computer back to normal speed.

3) Corrupt operating system (OS):

When the OS becomes corrupted mainly due to virus attacks, backup your files and try to use a repair CD or the OS or format the hard drive and install a fresh version of the OS.

4) Running low on virtual memory:

Virtual memory aids RAM in data processing and is created by the free space on your OS Hard drive, if it’s getting full this will affect the processing speed of your machine so you need to free up some space on the hard disk with minimum of 1GB.

5) Computer viruses

Most computer viruses make computers very slow by repeatedly executing files which make your RAM always full of files to work on hence the slowing. You need to keep your Antivirus software always up to date in order to look out for new virus or install a fresh copy of Antivirus if the one you have is not working effectively.

6) Incomplete program executions:

Every time you start your computer, many programs run in the background and may end up slowing the computer. To address this, go to start -> cmd -> msconfig -> startup and this will show you all the programs that run in the background, so uncheck all the unwanted programs that are running.

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