Classifying the characteristics of old-latest computers

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I need information about supercomputer, mainframe computer, minicomputer, microcomputer, hope you will help me find this.

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Classifying the characteristics of old-latest computers



These are the characteristics:
-also known as personal computer
-vary in size from small portables, such as palmtop (handheld) computers, notebook, and laptop computers that you can easily carry around
-also known as mid-size or mid-range computer
-smaller and less powerful than a mainframe computer
-can support 2 to 50 users and computer professionals
Mainframe computer
-can support hundreds/ thousands users and computer professionals
-smaller and more powerful than a supercomputer
-used in airline company, bank, a large insurance company, or the Social Security System
-can handle gigantic amount of scientific computation
-50000 times faster than microcomputer used in various applications such as; defense and weaponry, weather forecasting, scientific research and national aeronautics and space administration
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Classifying the characteristics of old-latest computers



Well in short and simple manner your query has already been resolved by Mr Expert above.

Mainframe computers were the earliest largest, room-sized hulks that heated up so fast, they needed air conditioning desperately.

Then came Mini computers, well they were used as servers using hubs and all and could attach to many clients at once.

Next came the fourth generation Micro computers which we are using today as our desktops and laptops.

Finally the fastest computers are given the rag super computers as they are capable of doing calculations at an unimaginably high pace. They are used in weather forecasting and other scientific fields where large calculations are needed.

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