What is cache and cookies?

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What does the term "cache" and "cookies" mean? What is their function in internet usage?


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What is cache and cookies?


What is a CACHE?

Cache is a very fast and transient memory. As an example between your computer's processor and the Hard Disk Drive, this cache is the chip memory. It stores the most commonly used files on a faster time. 

Usage of cache

The cache is utilized for enhanced data opening speed while surfing the internet. Mostly, when you opened a web page, data are sent to your temporary cache located on your hard disk drive. If you open that page again, your browser will launch it from your cache instead of re-downloading the same data again. This will save the user's time, specifically when that user is using a modem only. It can also store the webpage owner on a bandwidth.

What is a COOKIE?

A cookie is a data or a small program that usually stored on your computer. It exchanges data when opening a webpage. All your computer's information automatically sends and log you on that webpage. This is the reason why the security features of a browser have a limitation on cookies particularly the Internet Explorer. If you set your computer to allow all cookies, this will let people to access your computer unauthorized for possible damaging purposes.

Usage of cookies

Cookies are used for customizing websites and allowing the user to enter a site with a required username.

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What is cache and cookies?


Cache is a memory that indexed faster than ordinary storage, Web cache stores responses in it that reduces amount of data accessed each time. It simply reduces the time for loading data. Cookies are temporary files that store user data and sends it to the web server via a browser. Like details of online shopping items you added to the cart.

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