Clarify Few word software questions?

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It is a good time to ask few questions on ms word and clear my doubts.Firstly, is there any alternative suite available in the market which provide all the features like ms word?Secondly, which is by far the most user friendly and widely used package among ms word 2003 / 2007 / 2010?Last but not the least,can i draw tables in a rich text document if ms word is missing in my system?I am Waiting for my answers.Thanks

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Clarify Few word software questions?


Hi Benjamin,

There are a lot of alternatives that you could use as an alternative for MS Word but I prefer OpenOffice since it has almost the same functions that MS Word have. You may check this link to check the top 10 MS Word alternative:

If it comes to versions or packages of MS Word, MS Word 2010 is the most convenient and user friendly of them all since it has new features in it but 64-bit MS Word only runs in Vista and latest operating system of Microsoft. If you are using an XP OS then you could use the 32-bit MS Word 2010.

And Lastly, when it comes to drawing tables, there a lot of applications that you could use with rich text documents.

Hope this helps.

Blackwell Willie

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