Clarification about using Internet Explorer

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Good day!..

Can anyone help me… I need to know if there are certain strategies or techniques I should learn, or should I upgrade to Internet Explorer 6.

I am familiar with dual-stack and tunneling methods but I am still looking for other options.

i would also like to know if there is a strategy that is compatible for large enterprises.

I hope you can give me suggestions.

Thank you.

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Clarification about using Internet Explorer


I would suggest Explorer 7 which is more developed and easy to open compared to the earlier versions. It is not just easy to open but easy to use. You can also easily remove links that you do not need for example library. You can also open windows explorer to a window of your choice. Another new feature that would make me encourage you to use windows 7 explorer is the shake feature, if you are using many open windows and you need to minimize them then you just need the shake feature to do this by clicking and holding the windows bar of the window you want maintained.

To Make windows 7 explorer compatible with large enterprises what you need to do is to combine it with Dell system which is rated as a next generation technology. It saves power and at the same time coping with heavy work load.

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