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I upgrade my canvas 10 to canvas 12. And now when I am trying to open a file it crashes suddenly. And also I am getting an error message. It says 'An error occured which force canvas to close. You can find Report on .....(location)'.
I send this report to tech support, no help. Can any one say what is happening here...

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Hi Hannahwtc, maybe spyware or malware is the reason why you can not upgrade, try to run your security program.  did you install the latest released? Version 12.0.1398 is the latest release of canvas and this will fix some issues of the original released.  Follow this link: Http://  It will provide greater control over technical illustrations.  It will fix many application stability issues regarding printing canvas to adobe acrobat, saving a file as APS, moving and saving shapes, attempting to Fill envelope object, and many more.

If you are using windows XP, another solution is also to  use Parallel update.