Drive does not take over burning

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I am using Nero CD-DVD Speed version 3.01.

By using it we checked that if the BenQ DW1600A DL is able to overburn via DVD+R media.

Unluckily, the drive does not take overburning and whenever it is in DVD+R media, I am getting the following error message with all added media.

Need your help to solve this error.

Thanks in advance.


Nero CD-DVD  Speed
Overburning test failed.

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Drive does not take over burning


I think you can not force a device to work for a function that is really not supported. If your optical drive does not support over burning of discs, then you really can not use it with this options enabled.

If you really want to use over burning capability on discs, buy a new optical drive that supports this component. Disc burning options really depend on the type of optical drive or CD/DVD writer you have.

For example, if one CD/DVD writer supports buffer under run protection, it is possible that the other optical drive does not support this capability. If your DVD writer supports Disc-at-Once (DAO) recording mode, the other writer might not support it and vice versa.

So, if you really need to use over burning on the discs that you are working on, then you really need to replace your current CD/DVD writer with the one that supports this.

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