Can’t dual boot Windows 7 after installing Windows XP

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I'm kind of new operating systems. Here's my situation. I want to have 2 operating systems. I currently have Windows 7 installed in drive C: when I bought my PC. Then afterwards I installed Windows XP on drive D: but every time I start my PC, it only opens Windows XP with no option to select Win 7.

Why is this so? Any help on this?

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Can’t dual boot Windows 7 after installing Windows XP


Dear Tamara,

Your question is not clear. Here I am describing, how to install Dual boot operating system. But at first I want to tell you one thing about your image. This is only place where you can change your default operating system from XP to Windows 7 and increase the value 30 to 60 seconds of Time to Display list of operating system. So that when you open your computer then the first screen will stay for more time for you to choose. If your problem is not solved then you may need to install Windows again.

If you install Windows again, then please remember that, at first you must install Windows 7 operating system. After that install windows XP operating system.

Please note, Drive selection is not an issue for Dual operating system. You can assign any drive for any operating system.

Hope you understand and can solve your problem.

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Can’t dual boot Windows 7 after installing Windows XP


Hi Tamara,

Microsoft has a rule of first come first serve that applies to the installation of Multiple OS Dual boot. Always install the older version first and then the latest version. The reason for this is the older version does not recognize the new version and can not host the builder during the startup. Where as the new version knows that an older version is installed on the computer and has backward compatibility. Since you installed the Windows 7 later, it deleted the boot manager of Windows 7.


  • Since you have installed Windows XP leave Windows XP as it is and now start the Windows 7 installation. 
  • Make sure that they are installed in a different partition. If Windows XP is installed in C: drive installs Windows 7 in D: drive.
  • To identify the exact partition, note down your partition size say C: drive has 80GB d: drive has 40GB so it's easy to identify because during installation of Windows 7 it might show the drive letter otherwise. The drive letter might get interchanged but the actual size remains the same. So in case your Windows XP was installed on 80GB partition then install Windows 7 on 40GB in our example.

Hope this works out for you.



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Can’t dual boot Windows 7 after installing Windows XP



Tamra you have overwritten Windows 7 boot files with XP bootfiles.

To repair this, you need Windows 7 DVD.

And do as following:

  1. Insert Win7 DVD
  2. Boot From DVD
  3. When Windows installation screen appears, select Repair Your Computer
  4. Then select Startup Repair

That will repair your Windows 7 boot with XP.

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