Can’t access my file server from my LAN.

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Hi all,

In my office, one computer is running Windows Server 2003. In my office, we have original license copy of Antivirus on all of the computers and Laptops. We randomly use file sharing from another computer.

For this, we configured a Linux server for file sharing. From all computers, we can use file from this Linux server. But from the Windows Server 2003 computer, we can not access Linux file server, but can access any other computer.

What’s the problem?


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Can’t access my file server from my LAN.


Windows server 2003 computer can not access Linux file server.

The question here is, “is it really true that and Windows Server can connect to a shared file for Linux Server?” The answer is YES! The problem is HOW?

Windows servers and operating systems use SMB or the Server Message Block to share Files and Folders, Ports, Printers and may other communication medium between terminals on the network.

Linux servers which are in UNIX platform are using the SAMBA software or applications to enable communications with Windows Server. This special software enables the Linux server for Windows clients to access file and printing services, able to join the Active Director or for being member of the Primary Domain Controller or the PDC, able to connect to shared resources on Windows as well as the files saved in Windows can be accessed.

You may download this specialized software SAMBA from their website, if you don’t have one. But this software is already included on the most Linux distributions packages.

SAMBA is all you need to solve the issue because this is the medium to connect from Windows server to Linux server. Take note: Windows Server connection to Linux Server, not a Windows Client to Linux Server. They are different platform although they are both from Windows platform. SAMBA enables the Linux to join the active directory. So you must join the active directory before you where be able to join the Linux shared resources.

You may refer to this link  for  SAMBA books that will help or guide you on configuring your servers.

This link here  may also help you to answer all questions needed to solve your issue .

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Can’t access my file server from my LAN.


Kelvin in simple words it can be said that the sharing in between the systems you are accessing and presently connected to have a problem in shariing the files.

The problem in major may be said that with the permissions provided by you for the other systems as based on the permissions provided by you action over the sharing is done.

If the permissions are well and even not working means then the problem may be with the operating system as the files related to network may be missing due to some crashes.

If so better to install it by acquiring those files over net if not found backup the data and make the complete system format then install the fresh copy of os.

Thank You.

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