Cannot Send Mail with Attachment in iPhone

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Hi there! I can send messages from my iPhone to a Microsoft Exchange account. But whenever I try to send an email with an attachment, I always get the error: "Cannot send mail: An error occurred while delivering this message. ” I’ve searched the internet for any possible solutions but didn’t manage to find one that works.

Hope you can help me solve this problem, thanks.

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Cannot Send Mail with Attachment in iPhone


Hi Grethel,

How are you? Well you can try sending email with attachment by downloading an application called QUICKOFFICE. This is one of the most advanced and most popular tools in sending, receiving, and editing any kinds of documents. Some of its great features are:

1. Easy to access.

2. It has very fast performance.

3. It works even if you have slow internet connection.

Just download the QUICKOFFICE application on their official website. You can just type in Quickoffice in Google search.

I hope I enlighten you with my solution. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further question.

Have a good day.


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Cannot Send Mail with Attachment in iPhone


The error is probably because of a slow internet connection. Normally, it is easy to send an email message directly from your Smartphone to any email account because of its small size. The size of the email message is small because it is plainly pure text. But when you add an attachment, the size of the message becomes bigger because of the combined size of the email message and the attached file.

You can normally add an attachment to your email message when sending it via your Smartphone but if you have a slow internet connection and the size of the attachment is slightly bigger, your attachment might timeout when uploading it to the server. Another possible reason is if you exceed the maximum file size limit for the attachment.

The maximum size for an email message is 25 MB. The MIME encoding uses Base64 and it adds ~33% overhead to the file size of the email. So, if you attach a 20 MB file to your email message, it will exceed the 25 MB file attachment limit. Generally, 10 MB is considered safe for the maximum size of an email message.

To fix your problem, you might want to check the size of the file you want to attach ensuring it doesn’t exceed 10 MB to make sure you can successfully send the attachment.

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