USB port problems on my PC

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I recently received this kind of error message every time I connect a device to the USB ports (see below). I am using RocketDock and it is working fine. Please help me.

I can’t use my USB ports which is driving me crazy. Rocketdock.exe – No Disk There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive DeviceHarddisk4DR5.

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USB port problems on my PC



Analyze your problem first.
a)      If you can't able to use USB ports or other devices.
b)      Are you using RocketDoc?
Connect your USB device to your motherboard’s USB Port. Uninstall the RocketDoc. Check if it's working or not then connect to RocketDoc. Here is the way to disable the RocketDoc programs type msconfig on run. Click startup tab. Search any program that will load the RocketDoc or any program components. In this process this will stop the RocketDoc error.
There are tendency when you install a new program will cause an error. It is advisable to patch new release program test it and run. This will solve your problem after installing. Download CCleaner if you still have an error simply delete all temporary files. Reinstall a fresh copy of Operating System will also guarantee to remove errors.
Flair Bala
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USB port problems on my PC



Just uninstall Rocketdock and any of the programs that would load Rocketdock.Just ensure the complete removal of Rocketdock from your system.After you have removed Rocketdock just try to plug in a pendrive and check whether it is working or not?This would solve your problem after you restart your system.If it does not then just put in the CD or DVD which contain the motherboard drivers into the dvd rom and install the drivers again,restart the system and just plug in a USB device which would indicate that the USB ports are working.This would surely solve the problem.

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