Cannot play from specific DVD

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I have a cute laptop, which I use for playing games and to watch movies.

I recently started facing an odd problem with my laptop DVD drive; it is not able to play a particular Movie, that has been purchased recently by my father from his Arab trips. It’s too strange that I can play all the other CD’s, except this one. Could anyone say what would be the problem and has my DVD drive started to crash? Please clear my doubt. What I need to do to make this disk to play. This is not a single DVD it’s a set of 20 DVD’s.

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Cannot play from specific DVD


Hello Richard,

This problem is nothing but a Disk Drive setting, that would will allow the DVD to be played on your laptop. There are different types of encoding formats that are followed all around the world, where the laptop that you have, may have been standardized to your country, since to support majority of encoding format will be of that kind. So all you need to do for that instance of playing the Video, you need to change the Encoding format.

I may give you the simple steps on changing the Drive region but be advised you may be able to change the Drive region only up to 5 times. For the 5th time, make sure you set your region to be the default, else you may never be able to change it. You can read the same written in the Window, where you will be able to change the setting. After that, unless you reinstall the OS you will not be able to play any of the Disks, that are encoded in your region.

To start changing the Region click on Start – then Right click on My Computer. You may see an option which says manage. Just click on that; now you may see a new window that says, computer management. In the same window to the right hand side you may find a huge list; from that select Device manager.

In device manager, you may see a list that contains Hardware components, that connected to your computer; from that, select Disk Drives. You may see the names of the disk drive below that; just right click over that and click on properties where you may find a new window. In that window you may see an option which says, DVD region now select that.

Once you are there, at the window you may see a caution notice that says, the limitation that I explained to you before. If you decide to change, then go ahead and select the new region, to the region from where the particular disk is bought from and Click on OK.

So that’s it. You are done with changing the Drive region. Even after changing the drive region if it’s not playing, then try putting in all the 20 Disks that you have and check whether any one at least is playing. If yes, there is no problem with settings and the Driver. There may be a problem with the disk.

To check for the same, try inserting the same disk after changing the drive region settings and check out whether it is playing in that system. Since you said other disks work fine. I don’t think there would be some problem with the hardware.

Hope it works .Enjoy watching it.

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Cannot play from specific DVD


Thank you Chris.

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