Cannot import dff parts to attach together

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I am getting an error on Peds modeling. This happens after I import dff parts to attach together for example attaching sunglasses to a character and then wanted to export the result. It displays an error as shown below. Any ideas? Please keep in mind that am a beginner.

I am getting error after error trying to export a model after adding a chain and sunglasses to it. I tried exporting by clicking ‘Bone/Skin Export’. First of all I got an object is not skinned correctly and that the skin modifier must be on top of the stack error message. I fiddled around a bit restarted 3DS Max and tried exporting again. This time I did not get this error and I don’t know what cured it but I started getting another error stating that ‘You didn’t set the skin/vertices properly’. I have attached a screenshot of the error received. And it says something about vertex bone influence. I did not do anything with the bones. I just added the two models glasses and chain. But I have had no luck since then. Someone suggested attaching glasses to head and chain to body and then exporting it. I tried doing this and ended up getting the former error saying ‘Skin Modifier must be on top of stack’. I am absolutely frustrated with this software. Can somebody help me to find some sense among these bones and skins and vertices? Thanks a million to all the helpful souls out here.

Skin Error

You didn’t Skin/Vertices properly! Each vertex must be influence by at least 1 Bone.

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Cannot import dff parts to attach together


Hi Alisha,
The error is because though some contents have been deleted, but their assignments are still present in the system.
You have removed the bones of the sunglasses. However, the sunglasses mesh is assigned to those bones that you have just deleted.
Select the sunglasses and assign it to the head bone.
One bone must be assigned to one sunglass entry.

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