Cannot go to proper web page

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On somedays when I search anything in search engines and then click on the desired search page it redirects me to some other webpages. It actually redirects me to 2-3 webpages at a time. I cannot rectify this issue. I think it is a problem related to viruses.

Need help from you guys.

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Cannot go to proper web page



This error occurs because of some problem with the browser. Your browser might be corrupted because of the viruses in your computer. Scan your computer with an antivirus and try to fix the problem. If still the problem exists then uninstall the browser that you are using and reinstall the browser. Then check if still the problem exists then format the Windows.

Windows formatting will remove the registry and will solve the problem. If you want to check if this problem is because of the browser or a virus then try to use the search engine with a different browser. If the problem is not with the other browser then reinstall the browser which has the problem it will solve your problem.


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Cannot go to proper web page


Yes! This is a virus that has affected your system. First thing make sure that the firewall is enabled. To enable the Firewall, follow the steps

  1. Go to Programs > Control Panel > Windows Firewall
  2. Now Check on the radio button as shown in the figure
  3. Now uninstall any plugins and exceptions installed in your browser.
  4. Try running your Antivirus program with depth system scan mode.
  5. Now restart the system and your problem is solved.

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