3D techniques for rendering process

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I am graphic designer. Please Tell me some 3D techniques for rendering process.

thanks in advance.

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3D techniques for rendering process


hi dear

When LCD panels first emerged, they connected to a graphics card via its VGA connector. This, of course, required that the graphics card first to convert the signal to analogue via its RAMDAC. Since LCDs are – unlike CRT monitors, fundamentally digital in nature, the analogue signal is immediately reconverted to digital. The internal circuitry needed to do this increases the cost of LCD displays, impinges on image quality – particularly in the area of colour accuracy – and presents synchronization issues that can be difficult to adjust on some graphics adapters. Whilst entirely digital LCD displays promised a better, more reliable image, they also required a new connector and internal circuitry on the graphics card.

  • LVDS used four pairs of wires rather than three, but the technology didn't transition well to external desktop displays.
  • PanelLink didn't support resolutions above 1280×1024 and depended on a single component manufacturer (Silicon Image) for major elements; however, it was capable of running over a cable of up to five meters, making it more suitable for remote displays.

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