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Hello guys,

A little of your help is required. I want to integrate FLEX with PHP and I am having issues doing that. May be there is some error in the flash builder but here are the details of what I did so far. I installed flash builder for zend and php and loaded a sample database already available in zend.

But when I tried to configure php service to connect it to that zend database, I couldn’t find any existing php class for the available data services. So I generated one using the flash builder. I entered my credentials correct but it encountered an error:

"Unable to connect to database using special connection information."

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Hi Rhon,

PHP is an extra ordinary language in which as it is said to as scripting language and the integration with PHP is done easily as it is not so tough to do like as many other languages used for the integration purpose.

The integration can be done mainly with using the JOOMLA CMS subsystem and the integration is done with PHP in the way that it is defined as the CMS system.

As you said there is some error in the flash builder and as you said the problem is completely with the database connection when using to load php into the database.

You conveyed that you are being unable to find any existing PHP class for the list of available data services so its correct option to generate the flash builder.

Check your credentials once whether they are valid or not as the database cannot be accessed if you enter the wrong credentials then there is no chance of accessing the database.

Thank You.