Can I use other types of software on my Applet

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I use applications in my Apple computer together with other software such as AFc, WfC and J-direct among others. 

Is it common that Applet can throw a Null Pointer Exception from the AWT Dispatch Event thread?

As mentioned, is it safe to use Sun's JRE/Java Plug-in with my Applet and the other current applications in my computer?

Please advice.



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Can I use other types of software on my Applet


Hi Ms. Laura,

You can only use the program design for the Apple Developer to run in apple systems, just like Microsoft program that wouldn't run on Linux right? Speaking of Java is open for all platforms, that's the advantage on this software because it would run to any operating system as long as it's component will be supported. I recommend you do search to the internet what's the program ideal for the Apple computer i will give you example (IOS developer)  all of there programs are design to run on apples but not on the Microsoft.

You can also search Mac programs available online this is free and guarantee to run on any apple device. If you don't like apple you can use Sun's JRE or Java Plug-ins program this is also design to run in all platforms including windows and Linux.

If you have any concern kindly post here again.


Tony Stevenson 


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