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I am going to out, and want take a lot of photos and videos, but problem is my memory card is not handled that, i want to use hard drive, can i use it without computer?

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Yes Cassandrajnorman,

You can use your hard drive without the computer. But I am little confused on how you will take photos and videos and storing it on your hard drive. Are you going to save the photos and videos on your hard drive and you will take it out? And also, what will you do after storing the photos and videos to your hard drive?

Are you going to connect it to another computer or laptop? Be sure that your hard drive will be compatible with that computer that you are trying to connect your hard drive with. To remove your hard disk safely, open your My Computer, right-click on your Drive, then click "Eject".

Thank you very much.

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Technically this is little difficult procedure and it will be trouble for your picnic. So just use Memory cards for capture it and transfer and store them in to portable hard and Pen drives or use your Smartphone and store it easy. That is easiest way for you Enjoy. 

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A little bit confused with your question but I think you would like to take a lot of photos and video, and you currently have one or several memory cards but they are not enough for storage. You would like to transfer them to a hard drive without using a computer.

If the assumption is correct, you can do that by using “Portable Memory Card Backup Storage”.