How to create and upload suse linux vhd in my operating system?

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I want to make and upload Suse Linux VHD file on my system.

How can I do this?

What are the means needed to upload this?

How long it will take to upload on Mac PC?

Please send me a step-by-step guide on how to perform this. 


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How to create and upload suse linux vhd in my operating system?


In able to have a virtual hard disk in your Mac OSX, first you need to have is a virtual machine that would run in your Mac OSX.

This would allow you to have a OpenSuse/Suse or any other OS emulated in your Mac OSX system.

There are two VM software i know of that runs on Mac OSX,

  • VirtualBox which is a free software you can try without spending, and the other is
  • Parellels which is a premium software that cost around $80.

Steps You need to take:
Step 1: Acquire and install a Virtual Machine for your Mac OSX.
Step 2: Download or acquire an installer for your preferred virtual OS.
Step 3: Run your newly installed Virtual Machine and choose "create new" or click "new" button icon.
Step 4: Load your ISO file (downloaded OS) or installer CD and choose install from ISO file or CD.
Step 5: Run and complete the installation of your virtual OS.

Once the Suse system installation are finished, your all set to go. Installation time will depend on how much CPU cores and memory you have setup for your new virtual machine.

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