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I have a tablet, but not an IPad or anything like that.

I was wondering if I would need to have the anti spyware or virus protection on my tablet?

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Computer Intruders and aggressive organizations made the Internet a hazardous location to visit. I would advice everyone to have a protection when connecting their devices on the web such as Antivirus. Tablets, mobile phones and Smartphones are not safe from these pesky applications, spyware and viruses. 

I don't have a tablet device but after looking on the Galaxy tab forum, the users are divided into two suggesting AVG Mobile and LookOut Mobile for other tab users on the forum. These two are free to use.

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The answer is absolutely yes, of course you can put an antivirus and antispyware on your tablet,because every digital device like tablet and smart phones are not immune or free from cyber attacks like virus and spyware,as we know internet is a dangerous place to visit, and i suggest you need to put up an antispyware for your tablet.There are different apps that you can check out on some Android store,If your using an ipad you can go directly to apple store to install your antivirus and antispyware but you need to pay for it.

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Thanks Teodora Skill and Wagura Lorna for your responses.

I'll try to install AVG Mobile or Lookout mobile as antivirus.

Thanks TechyV.