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I need help installing Windows XP Professional Edition and XP Home Edition in one partition. However, the installer is not prompting for the installation folder. Can this type of configuration be done?

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Hello George

No, you cant install two operating system in one partition. This will cause serious problems. You have to create a new partition to install another operating system.

Just a bit of advise, Windows XP Pro and Windows XP Home are basically the same with pro having more features related to networking and doesn't require you register the product or the computer on which you are using it, unlike Home edition. It's doesn't seem sensible to get XP Home while you have everything in XP pro. If you want you can disable any features in pro that you do not like to use.

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You need to make a full format to your drive first on which you want to install your window and then you will be able to install your new window. See that you have a boot able CD, and you are running on a proper system. You are not using some other way to install window and it can cause serious problems. You need to check that you are fully following the instructions that are necessary to install a window.

You can either use a fdisk to do a format or it can be done by just installing the windows. Check that you have a good window CD and the CD is not corrupt or the source you are installing form is valid an is working properly. I am sure that you will be able to solve your problem.

Michal joran.