Can anyone help me on Modula 2?

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Can someone please explain what Modula 2 is?

Where are Modula 2 compilers available?

Where will the source code be  available?

Are there any questions available about code and algorithms?

Is there any reference material of Modula 2?

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Can anyone help me on Modula 2?


Modula – 2 is a basically a computer programming language that has been designed as a revision of the popular Pascal programming language.

It was developed to as to be able to serve as the sole programming language for the operating system and also for the application software that are used on the personal workstation.

The following are some of the principal concepts of modula – 2e:

  • The module that is used by this language is a compilation unit for separate compilation
  • Its co-routine is meant to be used as the basic building block for concurrent processes
  • And the types and procedures that it uses have been designed to allow access to machine – specific data.

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