C Programming codes won’t work with Windows 7

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As usual, C based programming codes occupies quite lesser memory in Windows, though in regards to Windows 7, one of my C program occupies GB of memory though still it fails to open. In more clear wordings, the program logo gets appears over the screen and keep occupying memory of the main memory until it hanged the system.

As a matter of fact, I’m not a professional programmer, nor I write it, though I am merely wondering how operating system of same platforms cannot execute programming codes. I’ve tried every possible way but nothing works well. 

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C Programming codes won’t work with Windows 7


Hello Hazelwlee,


It will be difficult for you to run a C program or can I call it c++ in a windows 7 operating system, it’s either its compatibility or the version you’re using, so please consider if you’re using windows XP before with 32bit yes it will run normally but if you upgraded your system into windows 7 64bit the program will not going to run base on the compatibility.

There is a way to run it with your currently OS use an emulator for you to make it run without a problem, you may choose if what operating system your using and it automatically convert it and make it run. Thank you I hope I helped you out, please be free to ask more questions here.

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