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Hi! I have downloaded the sample of C Objective but I cannot login successfully even with the correct credentials. Is there any other way to access it? Kindly provide me solution on this matter. Thank You!


Unable to login

Please check your developer account credentials. Either the application key is invalid or it does not have permission to call the direct-login method. Please contact

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The main problem is that you have a premium version which has to be bought from the providers. The software to use of free cost is a trial, demo or a illegal softwares. You have downloaded a premium pack. Now all it is to buy and get the license code for it to open. The software is also available on a trial basis. The trial software has only some features but is still very effective. However a manipulated version has all the features but must have some other malwares with it. This may get mostly to your beneficial documents. Use this version and report for any further problems please.


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It simply means that you are entering non valid login info to access account. Make sure you have a valid password or any other required credentials to login to your account. Also make sure that you have installed a valid program and logging in through a proper channel.

Smith Thompson