Block unwanted web downloads in Firefox

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Hi to all,

How can I prevent a website from performing downloads automatically? I think my recent Java Adobe Reader and Flash downloads have enabled this. I can't delete/uninstall this three, because these are important in browsing other Webpages. I need Adobe Reader to access PDF docs in the web. I already have AdBlock, NoScript and Flash block.
Additional information: I am using Firefox 4, in the Tools > Options > Applications; I always set all actions for every file type to “Always ask”. But I noticed that in Adobe, the setting is different. I have read that Adobe might have “huge holes.” Does it mean that the Firefox settings are changed every time adobe updates are downloaded?
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Block unwanted web downloads in Firefox


Hi Norby!

What kind of download do you exactly mean?

Do you mean the updates for Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash player and Java?

Or do you mean actual downloads of programs, images, videos, etc. from websites?

If you mean that the updates for the three said applications run automatically, here is how you can change the setting in Mozilla Firefox to prevent the updates from being downloaded automatically.

  • Open Mozilla Firefox
  • Click Tools in the Menu Bar
  • Select "Options" in the drop down menu
  • In the Options window, Select Advanced (the one at the right end with the sprocket icon)
  • Click the Update tab
  • Under the "Automatically check updates to:"
  • Remove the check mark on whichever you want to stop checking the updates automatically
  • Java, Adobe Reader, and Adobe Flash Player are in the category of "Add-ons"
  • After making a selection, press OK

You can also change the way the updates happen through the application's settings themselves.

Adobe Reader:

  • Open Adobe Reader
  • Click Edit in the menu bar
  • Select Preferences
  • Under Categories on the left column, click Updater
  • You will find three options: Automatically install updates, Automatically download updates but let me choose when to install them, Do not download or install updates automatically
  • Once you have made your choice, press OK


  • Click Start
  • Go to Control Panel
  • Locate Java, open it
  • In Java Control Panel window, click Update tab
  • You can choose to Check for Updates Automatically or not by means of the check mark.
  • You also have the option to be notified before downloading or before installing the update
  • The Advanced button will let you choose the time when you want Java to scan for updates in the internet.
  • Once you've set your preferences, click Apply and OK

Adobe Flash Player

  • Disable your Flash blocker or Adblock Plus first
  • Click this link
  • Go to the icon of the globe with a check mark – Global Notifications Settings panel
  • You can change the range or days when you want Adobe Flash player to check for updates:
    7 days
    14 days
    30 days
    60 days
  • Once set, you may simply close that website.

Hope that helps! Good luck!

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Block unwanted web downloads in Firefox


You didn't mention what are being downloaded automatically. If you are talking about files such as audio, video, images or any files that is automatically downloaded, then it's not possible without notifying the user.

Uploading, as well as Downloading are done manually by clicking either the upload link or the download link. Automatic downloads are for the maintenance of your system or components such as antivirus programs.

They can still be set to manual download by going directly to its settings. However, if you are talking to automatic updates, the default settings of the browser is "automatic download and install update".

You can reconfigure this in Tools >>> options>>> advance then select "ask me what I want to do".

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