Black screen appears while switching on the computer for about a minute

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hey all!

I am experiencing this problem from a very long time. When I switch on my DELL latitude 2100 netbook after the DELL screen and before loading my windows 7 it shows me a black screen with a kind of a cursor blinking at the top left corner of the screen. Earlier it use to appear for about a second however now I have it for about a minute. Please help me because that screen is really annoying and I always have to wait for my system to get started.

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Black screen appears while switching on the computer for about a minute



Dear Alex,  


it is not a big problem and there is no any need of worry in it. No doubt this screen annoying you but actually my friend it is not a problem of your computer or not a fault from your computer side. Your PC is very much perfect and working well but now the question is why this thing happens?

 So the answer for this is that it is mostly happens because of the bulk amount of files in your computer especially in that drive where your windows is installed. Basically whenever there is an increase in the amount of files it also decreases the speed of your computer. So more you added files in your drives this time of occurring black screen is increases.

So the solution for this is that you can deleted all unused files from your derives or shift those files to any other drives it helps you a lot to fix your problem and also in few days scan your all drives from viruses because sometimes viruses are also responsible for this type of problems.



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