BIOS needs a reset every after a reboot

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While I am trying to install a new Operating System, I got some error on my BIOS.  I got the installation disk of Windows Vista from our school. But this is a legal version. I run the disk few times but always stopped on the setup screen. I searched the net for some solutions and found out that I need to change the IDE to AHCI something, then I save and exit the changes on my BIOS.  Upon restarting, the BIOS hang immediately after I open my computer. There is nothing on my screen except for a No Signal Error. I try resetting the BIOS, it works fine again.  So I continued the installation without having any problems or error. But once I shut the computer down, I will need to try resetting BIOS again in order to make it work.

Information about my computer:

Recently running Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3l (An attempt to upgrade it to Windows 7)

Audio: Conexant High Definition Audio

Processor: Intel Celeron M CPU 420 @ 1.60GHZ

RAM: 512 Mb

IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers: Intel 82801 GBM/GHM (ICH7 M Family) Serial ATA Storage Controller -27C4

BIOS Version: F.24 A

Hard Disk: 80Gb

How can I stop the error from appearing?  Please I need advices.

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BIOS needs a reset every after a reboot


Hi Justin Young,

Your problem is the bios always resetting your bios parameters. Sounds like your CMOS or Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor powered by battery is dead.

If you don't know what that is, it's a small lithium battery like a "coin"  on your motherboard that keeps the CMOS chip parameters stored (that's where the BIOS settings are stored) and it is energized when there's no power to the board. I think the lifespan of this lithium battery is 2 years. Now how old is your computer so that you will its time to change the battery of the motherboard.

Without the battery, the settings are lost everytime the system is shutdown. I hope this will work.





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BIOS needs a reset every after a reboot


Dear Justin,

                       It your PC was working fine before installing a new Hard drive then there is no problem in you BIOS although if it was not working before you install any new hardware then there may be a BIOS problem.

To solve your problem you can do these things you can check any hardware replacement make earlier. Check all of your hardware in PC is there a fault. To make sure that there is no fault in your hard drive apply it on another computer. If the hard disk works fine then change the BIOS of you computer is not a problem now check you motherboard also is it working properly and any other hardware components also. When you make sure that all is well then you can change your BIOS. Although I think that the problem is located in your Hard drive so first make it error free.

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BIOS needs a reset every after a reboot


Thanks Expert for the help. I was able to continue my installation of new operating system, I did this after restoring BIOS settings to default then continue with the installation. When its done, the computer works fine again. In any case I will post errors again. But for now, thanks guys for helping.

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