Pentium and powerpc evolution indeed

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define processor?

Also 8080,8086,80286?

and also the short intro of  P1 ,P2 and P3.

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Pentium and powerpc evolution indeed


The processor is also known as the CPU, or the central processing unit. This is the brain of every computer. The CPU performs any calculation or process prepared by the computer.

The processor uses binary digit that has either a value of 0 or 1 for all of its processes. The binary digit also known as bit in computer language.  Computers store, process and retrieve data by using strings of bits, such as, for example "1011001." All computer programs like Internet browsers, word processors and image manipulation software will be processed by CPUs.

Yes 8080, 8086, 80286 are all types of processor

8080 – It was noted as the Brain of the first computer. The 8080 had a 2MHz internal speed, which is addressed 64KB of memory, and used a 6-micron fabrication process with 6,000 transistors. Made by  0.64 MIPs.

8086 – Was the first 16bit microprocessor designed by Intel. This was considered too costly so an 8-bit version of the chip was produced for the first IBM PC and early XTs, and it has thus become 8088 the 808x processors touched 10MHz and 29,000 transistors, made upwards of 0.8 MIPs, and addressed up to 1MB of memory.

80286 – This is also a 16bit processor but it has better in its architecture by adding protected mode and keeping backward compatibility with software produced for the prior 8088/86 CPUs. It ran at 20MHz and addressed up to 16MB of electronic memory (up to 1GB of "virtual memory" adding hard drive space).

P1, P2, and P3 are short Terms for the Pentium Brand.
Pentium stretched from 60 MHz – 300 MHz
The P2 ranged from 233 MHz – 450 MHz
The P3 ranged from 450 MHz – 1.4 GHz
The P4 CPUs are 1.3 GHz +

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Pentium and powerpc evolution indeed



Processor is a small machine or device that process something.If we define processor in computer term then processor is a small device which is made with logical circuit that processes the simple and basic instructions that run a computer and gives the output after executation.
Example of processor is CPU that means central processing unit also known as a processor.Processors are the brain of any machine that process the input and gives an output.
processor can only understand binary language that is in the form of 0 and 1 such as 011011100.
The 8080,8086,80286 which you mentioned are the types of processor
8080:Is the first microprocessor and is 8-bit processor
8086:It is also processor and it is 16-bit processor
80286:It is 16-Mbyte processor
P1,P2 and P3 are pentium 1,Pentium 2 and Pentium 3
pentium 1 is introduced by Intel.
Pentium 2 use MMX technology
Pentium 3 support 3D graphic softwares.

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